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Security Tips

  • One has to be vigilant and cautious and take proactive steps to keep ones home secure.

    Recent research shows that owning a security system makes your house 3 to 4 times safe and chances of burglary are reduced When present at home.

    Close your doors even when you are going out for just 'a minute'. It takes only 8 seconds for a thief to get into your room and steal your valuables.

    Lock your doors when you are asleep.

    If you see any signs of a break-in at your home, don't step in - the burglar may be inside. Use your cellular phone or go to neighbour and immediately call the police.
    Carry some Non lethal Self Defense weapons like Pepper sprays.

    If you wake to the sound of an intruder/burglar, only you can decide the way to handle the situation. Call out loudly most burglars will leave empty handed ratherthan risk a confrontation. Call the nearest Police station.

    Persons requesting to use the telephone should not be allowed inside your house under any circumstances.

    All members of the household must know if such a person has been called.

    Ask for the name of the person who is to come ask for identification.

    Doors should never be opened to anyone who does not have any business inside the house. Repairmen & others should show positive identification.

    Always look through the peep-hole before opening the door.

    Install a Video Door Phone with IR so that a person can be identified even in dark.

    Stranger at the door asking for a glass of water.

    Never leave the door open to bring the water.

    Never leave your valuables out in the open.

    Always keep your valuables / documents safe in a burglar / Fire Resistant safe.

    Hide the key in an uncommon place.

    Use of an Electronic safes with a password acting as a key can eliminate the possibility of misplacing the key While away on a tour or a vacation.

    Make sure your home always looks like someone’s there and not vacated.

    Keep some lights on.

    Let your neighbor know when you are away.

    Recheck that all the doors, side gates and windows are locked.

    Request your neighbour to empty out and collect your mail frequently while you are away for longer duration.

    Stop the newspapers or have them collected by your neighbor.

    Install Burglar alarm systems and arm them before you leave the house.

    Never leave a chit on the door that will inform that there is no one at home.

    When called by a stranger, do not give any information about your home who is out or when they will be back Tips for Single Women / Men living alone.

    Use only your first initial and the last name on the name plates. Use only initials on your postbox. That way a stranger won't know whether a man or a woman lives there.

    Carry some Non lethal Self Defense weapons like Pepper sprays.

    Never open the door without looking through the peep-hole or a Video Door Phone.

    Never open the door for an unknown person till the time a complete proof of identification is presented.

    Install safety gates / Grill gates at the door and windows Below are some of the things that you need to consider…

    Insist on Security Guards in the building.

    Light up the compound / grounds.

    Install Security Systems.

    Grill and Decorative Steel Doors.

    Video Door Phones.

    Electronic Alarm Systems with various sensors.

    Panic Buttons for Elders / Disabled.

    Burglar Alarms systems (motion / vibration detection, door sensors).

    Smoke Sensors

    Automatic Dialer System.

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